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"My coffee cup dangled from a shiny carabineer, and poking from a thickly-lined pocket was a pair of sharp-spiked crampons.

In a flurry of last minute shopping, 2nd Ascent in Ballard outfitted me right down to special lip-balm and sunglasses

designed to ward of glacial glare..."



"With all the straps adjusted, it fit my body like a glove. The waist belt had two large zippered pockets, which I loved, and the main pack

featured top and side access. The material seemed a bit light to me in terms of durability, but Lucky assured me it was one of

Second Ascent's most popular packs.  I was pretty sure this was my winner."



"I headed across the street to Second Ascent outdoor retailers. In a city where the uber-outdoorsy has a prominent

place in everyday fashion you don’t have to travel far to find stores like Second Ascent. However, their used gear

selection is worth sifting through before caving to the incredible convenience of REI’s mega selection."


"Second Ascent outdoor store in Ballard donate over 30 pairs of high quality shoes today.These shoes will be delivered to

organizations during the next week helping homeless and underprivileged individuals to have comfortable feet."



"I’ve had some less than pleasant experiences in shops in Seattle who seem not to understand that their target market plays outside, and gets

dirty, and that’s why they’re shopping outdoor gear – experiences that make me hard pressed to go back to those particular establishments.

Second Ascent in Ballard is the exception. "



"Second Ascent is the premiere Seattle used gear store. You'll never know what you'll run into in this shop. They have a good selection of new, used, and discounted skis and boards as well as winter clothing."




"I like Second Ascent for one main reason. It’s not REI. Don’t get me wrong. I love REI. I’m a proud co-op member and

I wear my Gortex jackets with Seattle pride. But Second Ascent in Ballard offers some things that REI cannot."


"Conditions were surprisingly good for Saturday’s Ballard Criterium. This is one of Seattle’s classic bike races, with a challenging course that includes a brick roadway (Ballard Ave.), off-camber turns, strategically located hazards like potholes and manhole covers, and fans that grow increasingly intoxicated as the afternoon progresses."



"Whoa, Second Ascent is totally sick. As in, THE place to shop for all your recreational outdoor needs."



"This partnership means Second Ascent has become an exclusive hub for professional service, innovative technologies

and carries new-to-market products from Shimano."



"This Ballard institution proves you don’t have to break the bank to get top-quality backcountry sporting and camping gear. Second Ascent offers a wide variety of new and used clothing and equipment for backpacking, climbing, skiing and cycling."




"The staff are very knowledgeable about the equipment and you can often get very good merchandise for

comparatively inexpensive prices."



"With a city full of mountain scalers, rock climbers, downhill racers, and bike enthusiasts, there’s bound to be plenty of

used and second-hand gear for us novices, right? You’re darn right that’s right."



"Thanks to Ballard's Second Ascent, which specializes in used high-end outdoor clothing and gear, you don't have to drop a ton of coin to fit in with the Northwest crowd."



"Second Ascent is a great store to acquire a wide spectrum of outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories. Their

knowledgeable employees are very helpful and love to share their experience with customers. They have a mix of

new and used equipment, and offer fantastic deals regularly."



"They have good stuff and great prices here," said Shawn, browsing the store with her dog Fletcher. "It's nice having an option for buying stuff like this that is really expensive new."



"Second Ascent, the business Shaw has owned for 13 years, sells new, used and demo skis -- including Nordic skis, skate skis, Telemark, backcountry and alpine touring skis. The business is also well known among the outdoor corps for its selection of new and used backpacks, rock-climbing equipment, bicycles, camping and mountaineering gear."



"Second Ascent maintains relationships with some of the biggest names in the mountaineering business -- Patagonia, Arcterix, Sierra Designs, Gregory and Dana Designs.

The shop also has more space -- in 2001, Shaw moved the business to a 5,000-square-foot location in Ballard, another important step in gaining the confidence of mountaineering companies."




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"Old activities freaks never die, they just trade up. When Seattle's skiers, snowboarders, climbers and cyclists get new equipment, many of them take their used gear to Second Ascent, where it is thoroughly examined, bought, cleaned up and then resold in the price range between "That's reasonable" and "Are you serious? I'll take five."



"Second Ascent is awesome in so many ways!! Located next door to the Tractor Tavern in old-town Ballard, this family-owned outdoor store is second to none in service, employee knowledge, friendliness, originality, and deals."