Our Staff











Ian Nicholson



About Ian


- AMGA certified Alpine and Rock guide

- Author of Super Topo: Washington Pass climbing

- AIARE level 3 certified

- AIARE level 2 avalanche course instructor and level 1 avalanche course leader (I've taught over 40 level 1s)

- Has climbed more than a dozen new routes as well as valiant failures in Alaska, Patagonia, Waddington Range and the Cascades. In the cascades I have out up everything from single pitch sport routes to long and difficult alpine routes.

- Has replaced over 100 old bolts for the ASCA

- First climbed Mt Rainier when I was 15, my partner was 14 and we had to pay a 17 year old buddy to drive us down and pick us up. Plus we had to lie about our age to the ranger

- Ian writes gear reviews professionally for outdoorearlab.com what outside magazine called the best gear reviews ever.

- I regularly contribute to Climbing magazine

- I used to hang out 3-5 times a week at Second Bounce then at Second Ascent when we moved and changed our name. Greg (the owner) would even occasionally drive me home, I'd hang out for hours at a time.

- I have worked at Second Ascent for 9 years and done more ski boot moldings than anyone in Seattle.



Brennan Halterman



About Brennan


- Hails from Juneau, AK & Master shoe/boot fitter (12th level)

- Full-on Dungeon Master (3.5 Edition!) & LARP Commando (15th Level!)

- Enjoys investigating Relic Hominids (Sasquatch)!

- Newly married!

- Loves earth tones

- Dirt worshipping tree hugger (18th Level)

- Enjoys swimming in cold water for long periods of time.

- Gear horder

- Licensed Massage Practitioner

- Favorite WA hikes: Mt. Olympus, Shi Shi Beach in January (Bolt Lightening!), Cat Basin Primitive Trail in Seven Lakes Basin, Ravenna Park








Anne Freudenthal

(Store & Online Sales)




About Anne


- From Anchorage, AK

- Likes wool (but not sheep)

- Our resident boulderer

- Grew up cross-country ski racing

- Don't mess with Anne, she has a black belt in karate!

- Anne has to say hello to every dog that enters the store

- Favorite food: Mac n' Cheese

- Has a tattoo of a bike

- Loves purple so much that she even owns a purple car!

- Scared to death of spiders but knows how to handle bears











Andrew Magnussen







About Andrew


- Enjoys Cooking

- Favorite climb as of late: Japanese Gardens, Index, WA

- Likes Vietnamese Food and his Friend Truc

- I Love Climbing!

- Enjoys quiet evenings in front of the fire place with wine and cheese

- Loves good BBQ

- Favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle

- Has a strong southern drawl, grew up climbing in the dirty south steepest

- Favorite author is John Steinbeck

- Refuses to stick-clip anything



























Sam Lozier







About Sam


- Started life in NJ

- Initially interested in hiking, drawn to the challenge and complexity of trip planning and gear

- Month long NOLS course in HS that opened my eyes to bigger mountains, sparked an interest in climbing

- Hiked the 273 mile Long Trail in VT, College in VT

- Started backcounty skiing around New England. completely hooked on the adventure and moving fast through the mountains in winter

- Started trad climbing in the Gunks

- Focused my attention on ski mountaineering. early memorable descents: Central Gully in Huntington Ravine, circumnavigation tour of Mount Washington, NH.

- Three week solo trip to WA state in june, met lots of people through Turns-All-Year.com, skied Baker, Adams, Hood, Birthday Tour, Tenneway Area, Alpental BC, and 9 inches of pow at Chinook Pass. Completely sold on WA state.

- Graduated college, went on 3 month ski trip to north India, skied at the DMZ between India and Pakistan, several large descents in Manali, India.

- Returned to VT. and promptly moved to WA state, focused on all BC skiing and ski mountaineering.




Andy Dahlen



About Andy


- Geography degree from UW

- Born and raised in the Puget Sound

- Loves Mexican food

- Put up new routes in WA and numerous second ascents

- Works for Mountain Madness as professional mountain guide in the summer season

- Have climbed extensively on the west coast and internationally

- Was the worst barista in Seattle for awhile

- Enjoys all of climbing's disciplines

- Wishes that the weather here was just a little more sunny

- Bought most of my trad rack from Matt Burink (co-worker at SA)





Hannah Carrigan




About Hannah


- Born, raised, and will likely die in the PNW

- First crush: Mount Rainier

- Adores anything hot pink

- Most desired piece of gear: mountain bike

- Avoids TV like the plague (except for the Colbert Report and the Bachelor/Bachelorette)

- Former nickname: Posthole Machine

- Always has sparkly toenails

- Specializes in slogging up mountains and skiing down them

- Complete sugar addict

- Loves it when her friends drop by the store!









Truc Allen

(Mktg & Grassroots)


 About Truc


- Climbing, ww paddling over a couple decades and skiing/snowboarding most of my life

- I heart shooting outdoor photography

- Born in Saigon, VN, raised in VA, School in AZ, Lives in WA

- I live for roadtripping

- Movies. I love movies. Pass on the drama though

- First climbing ascents and development in US and overseas

- Favorite place in Washington: any place along the northern shores of the western peninsula

- Favorite climbing area in the world: Fontainebleau, FR

- Guitar & Vocals for the Struggles!

- My Kryptonite: Slow drivers in the passing lane









Eric Dalzell

(Ski Buyer & Sales)





About Eric


- Summited Mt. Everest

- Has also climbed extensively in the Himalayas including Ama Dablam, Cho Yu & Island Peak.

- Summited Denali

- Level 2 AiARE Avalanche Certificate

- "I've been all over the place."

- I love mountain biking, especially freeride and downhill

- I also love ski mountaineering

- Born in Ohio...lived there for about 24 hours.

- Certified PADI Diver

- Scariest moment: Climbing El Alter Obispo in South America with Pablo (ask me in the shop if you want the whole story)