Our Staff




  Greg & Paula Shaw

W/ Kids Ewan & Ella


About Greg & Paula

- Greg & Paula started the business in 1996 while under its former name of Second Bounce in Fremont

- In 2001, they moved it to Ballard and renamed it what it is today: Second Ascent

- Among many things, Greg was a driver in La Carrera Panamericana - one of the worlds most demanding open road races staged in Mexico

- Greg & Paula married on Rockaway Beach and both love to surf

- When Greg isn't spending time with his family or running the shop, he's either out riding his mountain bike or skiing or splitboarding the Washington backcountry. You might even find him playing drums for local band: The Struggles

- When Paula isn't spending time with her family or balancing the books, she competes in race events throughout the year, including the Lake Stevens Iron Man, Chelan and Lake Padden Triathlons

- Greg can quote just about any line from Chevy Chase roles in the Fletch series or Caddyshack

- Greg & Paula are both Washington natives, coming from Walla Walla and Olympia. 





Ian Nicholson



About Ian


- AMGA certified Alpine and Rock guide

- Author of Super Topo: Washington Pass climbing

- AIARE level 3 certified

- AIARE level 2 avalanche course instructor and level 1 avalanche course leader (I've taught over 40 level 1s)

- Has climbed more than a dozen new routes as well as valiant failures in Alaska, Patagonia, Waddington Range and the Cascades. In the cascades I have out up everything from single pitch sport routes to long and difficult alpine routes.

- Has replaced over 100 old bolts for the ASCA

- First climbed Mt Rainier when I was 15, my partner was 14 and we had to pay a 17 year old buddy to drive us down and pick us up. Plus we had to lie about our age to the ranger

- Ian writes gear reviews professionally for outdoorearlab.com what outside magazine called the best gear reviews ever.

- I regularly contribute to Climbing magazine

- I used to hang out 3-5 times a week at Second Bounce then at Second Ascent when we moved and changed our name. Greg (the owner) would even occasionally drive me home, I'd hang out for hours at a time.

- I have worked at Second Ascent for 9 years and done more ski boot moldings than anyone in Seattle.



Brennan Halterman



About Brennan


- Hails from Juneau, AK & Master shoe/boot fitter (12th level)

- Full-on Dungeon Master (3.5 Edition!) & LARP Commando (15th Level!)

- Enjoys investigating Relic Hominids (Sasquatch)!

- Newly married!

- Loves earth tones

- Dirt worshipping tree hugger (18th Level)

- Enjoys swimming in cold water for long periods of time.

- Gear horder

- Licensed Massage Practitioner

- Favorite WA hikes: Mt. Olympus, Shi Shi Beach in January (Bolt Lightening!), Cat Basin Primitive Trail in Seven Lakes Basin, Ravenna Park








Anne Freudenthal

(Store & Online Sales)




About Anne


- From Anchorage, AK

- Likes wool (but not sheep)

- Our resident boulderer

- Grew up cross-country ski racing

- Don't mess with Anne, she has a black belt in karate!

- Anne has to say hello to every dog that enters the store

- Favorite food: Mac n' Cheese

- Has a tattoo of a bike

- Loves purple so much that she even owns a purple car!

- Scared to death of spiders but knows how to handle bears











Andrew Magnussen







About Andrew


- Enjoys Cooking

- Favorite climb as of late: Japanese Gardens, Index, WA

- Likes Vietnamese Food and his Friend Truc

- I Love Climbing!

- Enjoys quiet evenings in front of the fire place with wine and cheese

- Loves good BBQ

- Favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle

- Has a strong southern drawl, grew up climbing in the dirty south steepest

- Favorite author is John Steinbeck

- Refuses to stick-clip anything










Brianna Hartzell






About Brianna


- Our newest  staff addition for 2014

- Adventure Ed degree from Prescott College

- Outward Bound Sea Kayaking Instructor

- Favorite Dessert: fry-bake cinnamon rolls!

- Can play/duel on the banjo

- Loves milk chocolate

- Favorite ice route: Stairway to Heaven, Silverton, CO

- Eats more carrots than you!

- Born and raised in Washington state

- Has THE most contageous laughs in the shops history!












Sam Lozier







About Sam


- Started life in NJ

- Initially interested in hiking, drawn to the challenge and complexity of trip planning and gear

- Month long NOLS course in HS that opened my eyes to bigger mountains, sparked an interest in climbing

- Hiked the 273 mile Long Trail in VT, College in VT

- Started backcounty skiing around New England. completely hooked on the adventure and moving fast through the mountains in winter

- Started trad climbing in the Gunks

- Focused my attention on ski mountaineering. early memorable descents: Central Gully in Huntington Ravine, circumnavigation tour of Mount Washington, NH.

- Three week solo trip to WA state in june, met lots of people through Turns-All-Year.com, skied Baker, Adams, Hood, Birthday Tour, Tenneway Area, Alpental BC, and 9 inches of pow at Chinook Pass. Completely sold on WA state.

- Graduated college, went on 3 month ski trip to north India, skied at the DMZ between India and Pakistan, several large descents in Manali, India.

- Returned to VT. and promptly moved to WA state, focused on all BC skiing and ski mountaineering.




Andy Dahlen



About Andy


- Geography degree from UW

- Born and raised in the Puget Sound

- Loves Mexican food

- Put up new routes in WA and numerous second ascents

- Works for Mountain Madness as professional mountain guide in the summer season

- Have climbed extensively on the west coast and internationally

- Was the worst barista in Seattle for awhile

- Enjoys all of climbing's disciplines

- Wishes that the weather here was just a little more sunny

- Bought most of my trad rack from Matt Burink (co-worker at SA)





Hannah Carrigan




About Hannah


- Born, raised, and will likely die in the PNW

- First crush: Mount Rainier

- Adores anything hot pink

- Most desired piece of gear: mountain bike

- Avoids TV like the plague (except for the Colbert Report and the Bachelor/Bachelorette)

- Former nickname: Posthole Machine

- Always has sparkly toenails

- Specializes in slogging up mountains and skiing down them

- Complete sugar addict

- Loves it when her friends drop by the store!









Truc Allen

(Mktg & Grassroots)


 About Truc


- Climbing, ww paddling over a couple decades and skiing/snowboarding most of my life

- I heart shooting outdoor photography

- Born in Saigon, VN, raised in VA, School in AZ, Lives in WA

- I live for roadtripping

- Movies. I love movies. Pass on the drama though

- First climbing ascents and development in US and overseas

- Favorite place in Washington: any place along the northern shores of the western peninsula

- Favorite climbing area in the world: Fontainebleau, FR

- Guitar & Vocals for the Struggles!

- My Kryptonite: Slow drivers in the passing lane









Eric Dalzell

(Ski Buyer & Sales)





About Eric


- Summited Mt. Everest

- Has also climbed extensively in the Himalayas including Ama Dablam, Cho Yu & Island Peak.

- Summited Denali

- Level 2 AiARE Avalanche Certificate

- "I've been all over the place."

- I love mountain biking, especially freeride and downhill

- I also love ski mountaineering

- Born in Ohio...lived there for about 24 hours.

- Certified PADI Diver

- Scariest moment: Climbing El Alter Obispo in South America with Pablo (ask me in the shop if you want the whole story)












Drew Hambleton


(Soft Goods Buyer &

Sales Floor Mgr)






About Drew


- Owns more skis than shoes

- Can unicycle and play guitar (both poorly, not at the same time)

- Previous jobs of note: Deep-fry boy, blueberry picker, dishwasher, scone-maker, gov't day-laborer, shop-monkey, valet parker/belleman, soccer ref

- Grew up in Sultan, WA (yes, I've been to the bakery and no, I haven't cooked meth)

- Wears a size 14 shoe

- Owns a hyperactive mutt named Harper Lee

- Favorite Movie: Toss up between Waynes World or Spinal Tap or Three Amigos

- Gear I can't live without: Wool Socks, prAna Pants, Dynafit Equipment

- Favorite place in Ballard:  Hatties Hat

- Perfect Vacation: Car camping with my wife and dog, hiking, fishing somewhere in WA or WY