Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe


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The most advanced mountaineering ice axe on the market. Employs the same 7075-T6åÊaluminum alloy as the hyperlight Corsa, but features innovative Sandvik Nanoflexå¨ steelåÊreinforcements on the pick and spike. The steel components dramatically increase theåÊdurability and strength of these critical points without significantly increasing the weightåÊof the axe. In addition, the Corsa Nanotech has an aggressive single-curve shaft thatåÊprovides better clearance without interfering with walking or plunging performance. CanåÊbe fit with either the sliding leash for mountaineering or the Alpina leash foråÊalpine climbing.


  • The second lightest ice axe in the world!
  • Sandvik Nanoflexå¨ steel pick and spike for durability and strength
  • Ideal for snow travel and self arrest
  • Can be used as an anchor for glacier rescue and traversing cornices
  • Nylon spike plug on all lengths keeps ice out of shaft
  • CC4U wear indicator warns when the pick is dull beyond the safe limit
  • Optional sliding leash (1305) easily attaches to shaft


Size: 50-60-70
Modular Head: No
Head Material:åÊ7075 Aluminum Nanoflexå¨ Steel
Shaft: 1
Pick: 1
Weight: 250 g, 8.8åÊoz

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